The Rain Drop Fountain was our company's first product in 1982. It was originally introduced in the market by WaveTek, a manufacturer of wave making machinery for pools. The WaveTek Company was located in Mansfield, Ohio. In 1987 Marcorp, Inc. also located in Mansfield at that time, purchased the Rain Drop fountain line. Marcorp, later Sonar International, also developed products such as SonarGard and RoboSurfer.

In the early 1990s the company relocated to the DC/Virginia area and developed an expanded line of water play features for amusement water theme parks and public swimming pools. The play features created fun, family oriented water activities in pools that were primarily used for lap swimming and competition. The results were large increases in revenue at these public swimming facilities and water parks. The product line grew to incorporate over 26 different fun features sold throughout North America.

In September 1999, the company was purchased by a group of local investors and relocated back to Ohio at its present location in Ashland. Presently the product line includes a vastly expanded line of water play features for pools and SprayGrounds®.

Making water fun since 1982.