OmniPod Interface

OMNIPOD® is the exclusive feature interface offered only by Rain Drop™ Products. Not only does OMNIPOD simplify installation, it offers endless possibilities to add, change, or rearrange above or below ground features to keep your SprayGround® layout fresh and enjoyable.

OMNIPOD interfaces can be a key option in your SprayGround design. OMNIPODs are plumbed to water supply lines during construction and are finished flush with the decking surface. Consider installing extra OMNIPODs for greater future flexibility!


OMNIPODs allow inter-changeability of below-ground and aboveground features by unbolting, removing, and repositioning the features in alternate locations.


OMNIPOD connects features to the filtered water supply easily and securely.


Pre-planning extra OMNIPODs into your design is an affordable way to allow for expansion and flexibility.


Unused OMNIPODs are sealed flush with the surface so there are no tripping hazards.


OMNIPODs allow water parks numerous options for fresh and entertaining configurations.