Inclusive Play

Maximizing the sensory experience for people of ALL abilities

What is Inclusive Play?

Inclusivity means going beyond simple ADA compliance to ensure equal opportunities are available for everyone. By maximizing sensory experiences for people of all abilities, Rain Drop strives to be the leading provider of inclusive Sprayground and waterpark designs and products.

What is Universal Design?

Universal Design means designing projects and products that have form and function that are inherently accessible to everyone, without having to modify the items to be accessible. We at Rain Drop Products embrace universal design practices by considering a  broad spectrum of needs and abilities when designing projects and products. We not only design Spraygrounds, but can give recommendations on surfacing, shade, seating, fencing, and other aspects of your design in order to provide you with the most inclusive final design possible. 


Sense of Sound can be engaged using:
-Various Types of Water Splashing
-Audio packages with sound FX and music built into features or the project as a whole


Sense of Touch can be engaged using:
-Variety in Textures of Water (aerated, solid stream, broken streams)
-Variety in Textures of Materials (soft paint, smooth paint, rough paint, carved in textures)


Sense of Movement in muscles and joints can be engaged using:
-Buttons, Wheels, Other Moving Parts
-Various Water Pressures


Sense of Sight can be engaged using:
-Water or Feature Movement
-Feature and Surfacing Color
-Feature Shape


Sense of Balance can be engaged using:
-Choreographed Water moving in circular patterns
-Over-head spinning features

Rain Drop wants EVERYONE to play!